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A Second Chance


I originally posted this on under the handle of VoodooKing back in 2003. Since I have my own website now, I have decided to post it here. This is my first fan fiction and I hope you enjoy it. I love writing and I love science fiction.

Ex Astris Scientia

It means “From the Stars, Knowledge”. I like Star Trek and when I was watching Star Trek Voyager, the events in the episodes “The Raven”, “Dark Frontier 1 and 2” inspired me to write this alternate timeline for Seven of Nine.

I wanted to create an alternate timeline where Seven of Nine/ Annika Hansen managed to escape the Borg. Her parents escape and return to Earth. Annika Hansen grows up. I’ve decided not to write about her childhood preferring to let the reader’s imagination do the job. So I’ve aged her 15 years and continued from there instead. I’ll try my best to make the story fit into the Star Trek universe. So if you notice things that are inaccurate, please email me with the correct term and I will update it. The story of Annika and her parents will continue as she grows. Who knows, she might be the Science Officer on Voyager, she may encounter the Borg and fight a guerilla war against them when the Federation is taken over by them. Anything goes.

If you have any ideas for a story, do let me know below. I’ll do my best to keep the story going as long as I can.

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Chapter 1: A lovely morning

Chapter 2: The flaw

Chapter 3: A new beginning

Chapter 4: An Eventful Weekend

Chapter 5: Revelation



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