Chapter 1: A Lovely Morning


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Field Notes USS Raven Stardate 32634.9

The Raven was hit by a subspace particle storm. We took heavy damage and our multi-adaptive shielding went offline for 13.2 seconds. Unfortunately, it was long enough for the Borg to perceive us a threat.

“I found something, a nebula.” Erin Hansen said to her husband, Magnus.

“Class?” He replied back.

“Mutar, distance 3 light-years. I’m setting a course.” Said a panicked Erin as she entered the course corrections into the helm. Magnus looked back towards his wife and the realization came.

“The particle density’s too high. The hull would breach.” He said, exasperated as he came over from his console to look over his wife’s calculations.

“We can reinforce structural integrity!” she was cut short with her husband’s immediate reply.

“We’ll find somewhere else to hide.”

“There’s no time!” Erin replied, her mind focused on her console.

“It’s been three hours and the Borg haven’t found us yet, as long as we can keep masking our warp trail.”


“No, please. Mum.. Dad.. Don’t let them assimilate us!” Annika screamed as she awoke breaking in a cold sweat. She sat up in her bed breathing heavily.

“Computer lights on.” She looked at the chronometer, it read 5.00AM. It was still early. She opened her bedroom door and looked down the hallway. It was dark and her parents were still asleep. Of course they were, a good thing as she had her room installed with soundproofing.

She closed the door and went to her desk. With a sigh, she sat down and opened her diary. Till today, she still preferred writing with a pen rather then speaking to a computer to record her logs.


It’s been close to 15 years since Mum, Dad and me had narrowly escaped the Borg. And yet I’m still having these bad dreams. What is going on? My graduation is coming and I don’t want these dreams to affect me. I have to talk to my parents about this in the morning.


8:00AM the chronometer read as the sunlight illuminated the house as brilliantly as it did many mornings before. Magnus and Erin were already up and about, replicating fresh coffee, bread and jam. Annika gingerly walked into the kitchen and got herself a cup of coffee. She carefully sipped, not wanting to spill coffee on her blue Starfleet uniform. She looked at the toast, and decided against it for fear of having to brush away crumbs off her uniform because she really hated that.

“Mum, Dad, good morning. Did you guys sleep well huh?” Annika asked as she eyed them both. She pulled a chair and sat.

“Yes Anni, why do you ask? Did you have bad dreams again?” Her mum said as she came over to feel her daughter’s forehead.

“Magnus, put that down and come over here, our dear Anni’s been having bad dreams again.” Erin said, stroking her daughter’s head.

He placed the news PADD on the couch and walked over to the dining table. “Geez, isn’t that like the third time this week? Maybe you should eat more of your breakfast and stop worrying about crumbs.”

“Mum, Dad, it . I don’t know why I keep dreaming about them. And there were other nightmares as well. I saw the Borg come and take both of you away.” Annika said worriedly.

“Anni honey. It’s been 15 years. Isn’t it a bit too late to be having nightmares about them? You’re almost 21 now!” her dad said, a bit bewildered.

“I know! It feels so weird. I thought I would’ve outgrown all that. Maybe I’m just afraid of being taken away since I’m graduating and all.” Annika said, resting her head on her right hand, in pensive thought.

“What do you mean taken away? If you mean your posting to a starship, I thought that’s what you’ve always wanted Annika. We are so proud of what you’ve achieved. We even thought you’d follow our footsteps and become an Exobiologist, but we never knew that stellar cartography was your forté.” Erin said as she stroked her daughter’s blonde hair.

“Oh look at the time. It’s time to work. It never ends, does it dear?” Magnus said as he looked in the mirror, smoothing his uniform. Then looked over to his wife and daughter, and gave them both a kiss.

“Not in the line that we’re in I’m afraid.” replied Erin with a kiss of her own.

Annika squirmed uncomfortably. “Dad. I think I’ve outgrown being kissed ten years ago,”

Her father just gave her a smile and a wink. Anni sighed. When were they going to learn that she was no longer a little girl?

Both Mr. and Mrs. Hansen walked out of the door of the old styled Victorian mansion. 5 years ago, they had fallen in love with the mansion and decided to acquire it. Beyond it, there was a magnificent view of Golden Gate bridge and beyond that, Starfleet Headquarters.

“Annika, come on, let’s go.” Her parents said in unison as they walked over to the shuttle.

Annika walked to the door, and stopped momentarily before the mirror making sure her hair did not fall out of the bun. “Yes yes, I’m coming.”

“And don’t forget to lock the door Anni,” in unison again. Anni rolled her eyes. They say that every day.. always in unison.. like a Borg collective.. or rather a Hansen collective.

Annika sighed and walked out of the door and at the same time recited a set of commands that she had gotten used to everyday. And she didn’t even need to remember them. “Computer, initiate Hansen Security program Zeta Four authorization Hansen, Annika Gamma Two Six.”

“Program initiated. Have a good day Annika,” said the Computer.

Annika walked over to the shuttle and saw her parents’ faces. They were smiling and their eyes were hinting to the house.

“What?” said Annika, her eyes narrowing.

“What’s that all about?”

“What?!” Annika said louder, pretending not to know what her parents were talking about. She had only made the modifications the evening before.

“You know. That.”

“The computer? Come on now, I’m the one who locks the door every morning; it’s only right I programmed it to be a little nicer. It’s better than a ‘beep bop’. It sounds so impersonal.” Annika exclaimed, with her hands on her hips as she smiled…A smile her parents loved so much that they wondered if they could ever forgive themselves had they failed from being assimilated.

Annika climbed into the shuttle and sat opposite her parents. She picked up her personal PADD and reviewed the classes that would occupy her day.

“Computer, set a course for Starfleet Academy and proceed at maximum speed,” her father said.

The shuttle lifted off the pad and moved gracefully towards their destination.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Erin said, looking out through the view port at the city.

“Yes mother, it’s not like we just moved back in yesterday you know,” Annika pointed out. Her mother always gets emotional and she never really knew why. At least her father wasn’t like that. He was busy browsing through the news PADD.

“Now Annika, you know I don’t approve of that tone with your mum. Oh look dear, we’re in the news.” He pointed out, with a smile.

Erin sat close to her husband and gestured him to show her the PADD. “Must be that symposium where we lectured a bit about Borg culture yesterday.”

“Culture?” Annika raised her brow.

“You call assimilating other species, quest for perfection, a culture? Mum, Dad, how could you? It sounds awful.. I’d bet the both of you wouldn’t say that if both of you were assimilated, now would you?” Annika said with a hint of disgust. She never understood why her parents were so obsessed with them. When they got away from being assimilated 15 years ago, she thought they would give up on them. But they didn’t and she was disappointed. Forget them. She can’t wait for classes to start.

Her father put up a hand to show he had heard enough and he would not hear another word from her argumentative daughter.

The shuttle landed and the door opened. Starfleet Academy stood beyond and as before, it was bustling with activity. Magnus Hansen had programmed the shuttle to land just beyond the gardens instead of inside the docking bay at Starfleet. And of course Mr. Boothby wasn’t too happy about it.

The Hansen’s descended the shuttle and were greeted by none other than Boothby himself. He was on his knees and appeared to be tugging at something in the soil.

“Ahh, good morning Hansens. Damn this weed. You know Magnus, I’d swear your shuttle’s causing more of these weeds to grow hmmmm.” Boothby said, raising a brow at Magnus, just then the shuttle lifted into the sky and flew back to Starfleet Headquarters on autopilot. Then he noticed them.

“Ah, the all so lovely Erin Hansen and her ever so beautiful daughter Annika. And how are you both this morning?”
Erin bent over and pecked him on the cheek. “It’s a fine morning Boothby, it always is with you around,” He reached out and placed a rose in her hand. “The most beautiful red rose I’ve grown to date you know.”

“Why Boothby, that is so sweet of you.” Erin said and looked back at her husband who was mildly annoyed.

“And what about my Annika, how’s my favorite Scientist.” Boothby said, lifting his hand to touch the blonde hair.

“Doing just great Boothby. Thanks for asking. Anyway, would you like to attend my pre-graduation party? You’d be my most honored guest.” Annika asked with a huge smile.

“How can I say no to you Anni, you always knew how to get to an old man’s heart. Hahaha. But who then would tend to these grounds? The grass would brown and the trees would bald,” Boothby laughed clearly showing that her smile would make anyone’s day a light hearted one. From the ball of his back, he pulled out a beautiful carnation and placed it in Annika’s hand. “The most beautiful carnation I’ve grown to date you know,” He winked.

“Oh Mr. Boothby. It’s beautiful, how did you know I loved carnations?” Annika asked. Boothby just smiled back with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Just as well, he gives the ladies flowers and the men get nothing but lectures.”

Unfortunately for Magnus Hansen, Boothby heard that and he spun around and looked at him with a raised brow. The man was clearly shorter than Magnus but still had a commanding presence. He backed away slightly.

“You want something from me Professor Magnus Hansen? Then here you go.” Boothby took something out, thrust it into Magnus’s hand and walked away.

Magnus looked down in his hand and saw the weed. Both Erin and Annika laughed and he made a face clearly showing that he was embarrassed.

“Magnus, when are you two ever going to get along?” Erin asked holding her husband’s head as they walked towards the complex.

“Well maybe if dad assimilated him, they could be best of friends.” Annika said jokingly.

Magnus shook his head, “Now that’s enough the two of you. I think I’ve had just about enough excitement this morning,” Just then, his com badge beeped, he gave it a tap,

“Professor Magnus here.” Her father responded, sounding important.

“Admiral Hayes here. Professor, could I have a word with you in my office.”

“Of course sir. Right away.” And gave the com badge a final tap.

He looked over to Erin and Annika, “Well, it’s started, see you guys back home.”

“Working late again honey?” Erin said with a slight frown at the corner of her mouth.

Magnus looked at them both and shrugged, “See, I told you it would never end.” And proceeded to the Academy’s entrance.

“Well honey, Mum’s got to go too. See you at lunch?” Erin said as she made her way to the lecture hall.

Annika smiled and waved her PADD at the departing figure, “Yeah, see ya later Mum. And don’t forget!”

Annika made her way to the Academy entrance. She had been thinking that it would be a great idea to hold her party at the Academy’s ballroom. She knew it was supposed to be for grand functions but it never hurt to imagine. Looking around, she caught her best friend waiting for her by the little bridge.


Joan walked over with a beaming smile, her eyes sparkling,” You’ll never guess what happened last evening Annika!”

Annika came over and whispered, although a tad too loud. “Tell me, and don’t leave anything out, I want to hear the juiciest parts,”

Joan breathed in and then, “He popped the question Anni!”

“Oh he did?” She screamed, hugged her friend and both of them jumped up and down at the same time. She was so happy for her friend.

“So have both of you set a date yet?”

“Not yet!” Joan was still jumping up and down, completely oblivious to the stares that she was receiving from the other students and officers.

Just then, both of them heard the all too familiar,

“I believe this is not the time nor the place to be.. jumping” A dark skinned Vulcan said his head high with an arched eyebrow, his hands behind his back. Lt. Commander’s pips visible on his collar.

“Sorry Sir, it will not happen again” Joan said, in a hushed tone. Annika stood beside her, looking at the ground as the Vulcan stepped closer.

“Nevertheless, allow me to extend my congratulations to you, Cadet Joan.”

Both of them looked up, ” Thank you sir.” The Vulcan nodded and walked away. Just as Annika thought that he was out of earshot, she said

“Live long and prosper to you too sir.” The Vulcan stopped and without looking back, replied, “I intend to Cadet Hansen.” And he continued on to the entrance of the Academy.

“Now why did you have to go and do that Anni…”

Annika looked to her friend, “He’s a tad annoying Joan. Don’t Vulcans ever get happy?”

Joan straightened her back and put on a serious face, “Logic dictates that I cannot experience happiness because I am Vulcan.” She said monotonously.

Annika burst out in laughter at her friend’s attempt to imitate the Lieutenant.

The both of them entered the complex and went to their first class, greeting friends along the way. Annika thought it was a good way to start the day. Why with the pre-graduation party planning, Boothby’s lovely gift of the carnation, Joan’s news of marriage. Why, it was the best day of her life. Perhaps later, she would replicate her friend a wedding gift. She wondered what her parents were doing right now. Of course, Dad would naturally be with the Admiral, and mum would of course be lecturing. Exobiology 101 she called it. Oh well. And she stepped into the classroom.



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