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Do you use percentages while conversing?

Recently, someone in my company who for some reason sent this message to the boss the night before.

“Hiya. Tomorrow there is a 70% chance I will take MC”

Now for those non-Singaporeans reading. MC means medical cert or medical leave. However if you read the message, would you do something like that? It has now become a running joke in the office. The boss, who is a good colleague of mine went “I think 52.3% chance I will take urgent leave tomorrow!” in which I replied “So is that 100% confirmed then?”

Think about it. If I were to tell you “There’s a 50% chance I will come to work tomorrow” versus “There’s a 50% chance I will not come to work tomorrow”. What would you think?

Please please please do not use percentages in conversation, either you come or not, either you take MC or not. There is no chance. NONE.



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