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Antivirus software and why you need it.


It is so scary to know that there a many people out there not running an antivirus software. Nowadays, online threats are getting more dangerous and cunning to end users that even advanced users like me are not spared. I too have been hit by malware and in many cases, I am able to remove the offending malware with free malware removal tools. However if the operating system is beyond repair, I would just wipe the machine and restore it with a backup image. The average user however may find that restoring a machine is beyond their capabilities. Usually, a full format and reinstallation of the operating system is needed if there are no backups available.

Do you get ads that are too good to be true?

Some time ago, I received this text message. Two Emirates tickets to anywhere?! Wow, what a fantastic deal I thought!!


Looking at the URL, it seems harmless right? However, when I clicked on it, the Trend Micro antivirus protecting my laptop showed me a warning below.



Now this is the type of protection that everyone needs to have. Oh by the way, I am on Windows 10 and although Microsoft says that Windows 10 has improved protection against malware, I feel much safer with another layer of security protecting my machine. This is how the Trend Micro antivirus software looks like on my machine. It also has protection against crypto malware, another sort of malware that encrypts your files and holds it hostage until your pay a ransom. This is another topic I may talk about later however I am lucky not to have encountered it yet.


Trend Micro’s application is simple to use. Basically you just install and forget about it. There is a friendly startup wizard that helps you get up and running.


Get a third party antivirus software now!

Below are links to two antivirus software that I am using currently which works very well and very affordable. Bitdefender also has website checking and will block out malicious websites too! Check them out. In case you are wondering, I am using Bitdefender on my home PC and Trend Micro on my personal laptop.


Thank you, if you have any comments or questions, or if you have had an unpleasant encounter with viruses. Please share them in the comments below.

Safe surfing!!


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