Singapore Armed Forces Ration Pack Review by Gundog4314

Hi readers! Some time ago, I was interested in MREs,  meals ready to eat or food rations. I came across some Youtube channels dedicated to them and watched quite a number of videos. Watching about these MREs from various military organizations really opened my eyes. Every nations’ military ration is so different!! The flameless reheating pack from the US military ration wow’ed me. Come on SAF! When are you going to bring them in?

So I came across Gundog4314’s SAF ration review and I after watching it, I was dismayed that there was no accessory pack. I knew I had to right this wrong so I contacted Gundog4313 on his Facebook page and volunteered to send him one of our ration packs!!!

Finally!! A review of SAF’s ration WITH ACCESSORY PACK! But one thing I forgot to send…. was the packet of Maggi Mee. Below is the review with the accessory pack! It is an absolutely amazing review, he even used a mess tin to heat up the ration and that shows real dedication.

Enjoy the video friends!





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