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Check if your passwords are compromised!

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How do I check if my passwords are compromised?

The internet is full of wonder and amazement. However with that wonder and amazement comes an assortment of headaches. The holiday season is notorious for high levels of hacker activity. Innocent online shoppers getting spam emails that ‘phish’ their Paypal credentials from bogus Paypal sites, scam sites that lock up your PC and informing you that your PC is compromised. However, one thing that you can do right now is checking if your passwords have been compromised.

Password management is probably the most important thing everyone should do. In my previous article, I wrote about how my Instagram account was hacked by a Russian hacker. It is important that you know the sites that you have accounts in. Most major websites have been hacked in the past few years so how can you check whether you had an account on those sites?

There is a site called “haveibeenpwned“. This is how it looks like. What you need to do is to just enter your email address and the website will check which sites has the email address registered and hacked. Let’s see what happens when I enter my email address.

haveibeenpwned website


Oh boy. I have not been practicing password management.

Oh my goodness! Look at the that image below! The email I used was found in all the websites below that had been hacked in the past few years. Imagine that, 153 million adobe accounts were breached and who knows how many of them use the same email addresses and passwords for their Instagram, Facebook, etc. I suspect my Instagram account was hacked using the same credentials I had used on one of my accounts below.

If your email address has been used on any of the sites that have been breached. You must quickly change passwords on all of your sites because hackers will try to hack into your social media accounts using the passwords they obtained.

haveibeenpwned breach

Some lessons to learn

  • Keep track of all websites that you have an account in.
  • Don’t use the same password twice
  • Use a password manager to randomize passwords for all your websites. Check out the links below. They are both free!

Lastpass (Free with a paid option, the free one is sufficient for most people)

Keepass (Free)

Also be sure to check out the below Anti-Virus solutions to ensure that you are warned if you click on a phishing link. Be sure to check out my article on that. Do comment below if your email address was found on any of the breached sites.



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