Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Post operation

cubital tunnel syndrome

Two Weeks Later

Hi fellow readers. If you remember, I had my Cubital Tunnel Release and Ulnar Nerve Tranposition operation on the 17th of December 2016. For two weeks I was unable to use my left hand effectively post-operation. For the first few days, my entire left hand looked puffy and swollen, I could not even squeeze my left hand. The best I could manage was a half claw. On 21st December, I felt the bandage was a little bit tight. With some help, I removed the bandaging and it looked pretty horrifying. So I rebandaged my elbow again and wore a sling.


5 days Post Op

On my post-op visit on 23rd December with the doctor. I told him all the sensations I had. My left pinkie and ring fingers become 5 times more numb. My arm felt like it was on fire. The elbow throbbed at night. And if my arm was in some positions, the sensations in my two fingers became more intense, like ants biting. The doctor told me it was all normal part of the healing process. As he had shifted my nerve into a new tunnel, it will take some time for the tunnel to heal and the nerve to settle. During this process, the nerve will become irritated and hence the sensations that I have. My arm was then re-bandaged with new dressing.

On 29th December, I removed the bandage and to my amazement, I can use my left arm again. However it’s not as strong and the muscle around the elbow has hardened. However I can bend my elbow, albeit with some stinging sensations sometimes. The bruising has gone down a lot.

I am happy that I can use my arm again. The throbbing has disappeared and the sensations are improving. The doctor has said that it will take anywhere from 6 months to a year to fully heal. I hope so too. Those who are suffering from Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, only go for surgery as a last resort. Massages and acupuncture did not work for me so I had to go for the surgery.


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