Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Back to work

cubital tunnel syndrome

Back to work!

It’s been a few weeks since the operation. There is a scar running down across my elbow area as shown.

During a post-op visit, my doctor, David Tan Meng Kiat told me that the operation did show the nerve being compressed and that it was more serious than what the nerve conduction study showed. I did mention to him that I was still experiencing numbness and that it was slowly improving. He told me that it was normal and that the nerve takes a very long time to recover. It could take up to six months to a year. The elbow also had some swelling or hematoma and that was because the blood had pooled in the area.

Sometimes I feel some muscle ache but that’s the extend of it. I can move my arm and carry things as I did before the operation. I am very careful now about where I rest my right elbow as cubital tunnel syndrome is very troublesome and annoying. I have been googling online for similar stories and what I have discovered are identical cases to mine. Long recovery periods are a norm after cubital tunnel transposition surgery. There are some worse cases whereby surgery actually worsened the condition of the patient, usually this happens because the patients’ cubital tunnel syndrome was so far gone that even surgery could not alleviate the symptoms. This happens to rougly 5% of patients who undergo the surgery. The thing is, do not wait too long before beginning treatment.

I am glad that I went through with the surgery as muscle atrophy could deteriorate quickly and I could lose the use of my left hand if left untreated. To those reading this, if conservative therapy does not work. Be sure to make an appointment with your GP and get yourself referred to a hand specialist.

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